Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sport Column Contest - deadline April 15

Welcome of the 2009 TAMUK & SCSA Sports Column Writing Contest! As part of your course curriculum, you were to write "two" sports columns. Please use the lecture notes provided (about two weeks ago) and use your book as a reference, as well as reading the David Flores' columns and completing that assignment, to write THE BEST COLUMN EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORTS JOURNALISM CLASS!!!!!


You should be. Here's a chance to write your opinion, analysis and slant on any sports story - from the pros and major leagues to the university teams and even local high school happenings. Remember, a column should not be a glorified human interest story or feature must have a POINT or a SLANT and must be provocative....almost always.....Even if the column praises someone or some team, it must promote, also, the character and feelings of the writer. You can use "I" in a column, but most good columns just sort of "talk" to the readers through their writing and avoid the use "I". Get it?

So, the assignment (2 - dos - columns) is due April 15. They must be turned in by that day. The columns will be judged by professionals at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, San Antonio Express-News and Alice Daily Echo News. Buena suerte (good luck) Now, like every good contest..there will be prizes.

1st Place - $25 Gift Certificate to Academy
2nd Place - $10 Girt Certificate to Whataburger
3rd Place - $5 cash.

If any of you can find another "sponsor", put it in and we will add it to the pot...okay?

Bueno, good luck. And, we are meeting as a class again next Tuesday. Take advantage of this time to catch up with the baseball games.....there's plenty of acation out there...


  1. My first column is on my blog.