Sunday, March 8, 2009

Movie Reviews...please check

Sports Illustrated Top Movies That I Recommend

Movie and Student Assigned to Review

Class, I lost my notes on the movie and book reviews when I went to San Antonio. I left them in one of the classrooms....I'm sure they are gone by now. Can you please review this list and post your name and movie so we can update? If you don't have a movie yet, please choose will be first-call, first-served basis from now on for these movies and it must be a movie on this list.....the time of your posting will be used as a guide for this. As soon as the list is complete and every one has a movie you will get the format for the assignment.

Top SI Movies

"The Natural" 1984 - Jaime Gonzalez, TAMUK
"Jerry Maguire" 1996
"Bad News Bears" 1976 - Lisa Lane, TAMUK
"Hoosiers" 1988 Jacque Hutton, TAMUK
"North Dallas Forty" 1979
"Field of Dreams"1989 - J.C. Reyes, TAMUK
"Rocky" 1976
"Fat City" 1972
“Damn Yankees!” 1958
“Slap Shot” 1977 - Tania Garcia, TAMUK
“Raging Bull” 1989
"Bang the Drum Slowly" 1973
"Breaking Away" 1979
"Friday Night Lights" - Noe Longoria
“Requiem for a Heavyweight”1962
"Tin Cup" 1996 - Joe Hamon, TAMUK
“The Hustler” 1961
“Chariots of Fire” 1981 - Alissa Reynolds, TAMUK-SCSA
"Bull Durham" 1988

Auxiliary List of Movies That I recommend

"Rudy" 1993 - Mary Beth Cleavin, TAMUK
"White Men Can't Jump" 1992 - Mark Molina, TAMUK
"We Are Marshall" 2006 - Lorraine Rodriguez, TAMUK
“League of Their Own” 1992 - Shaun Springfield, TAMUK-SCSA
“61*” 2006
“Victory” 1981 - Greg Stelfox, TAMUK
“Cool Runnings” 1993
“Grand Prix”1966
“National Velvet” 1944
“Enter the Dragon” 1973
“Lady Bugs” 1992 - Carlos Alvarado, TAMUK
“Caddyshack” 1980 - Andrew Harper, TAMUK
“MajorLeague” 1989
“Hoop Dreams” 1994
“The Longest Yard” 1974 - Katrina Alejandro, TAMUK
“Remember the Titans” 2000 - Cristina Garza, TAMUK-SCSA
“Brian’s Song” 1971
"Invincible" 2006v- David Mendez, TAMUK
"Happy Gilmore199? - Emmanuel Dixon, TAMUK
"Goal!" - 2004 - Sasha Rodriguez, TAMUK

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