Friday, March 20, 2009

Movie Review Assignment

By now you have selected your movie. Make sure to view and plan to do a report in class and also written. Follow the format below.....


(Cover page: Times New Roman 14 point. Centered. Double spacing.
Review should be at least 2 pages…your call on this)
Review of:
Your Name
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
COMM 4306
Sports Journalism
Month, day, date


(This is Times New Roman 12 point. Double spacing. Flush left.)

Opening: In bullet list form.

Release Date:
Country of Origin:

Narrative: Begin with the title and details of the film; running time, historical items why film was made, if applicable.

Give me a short history of your film.

Review the main them of the movie.

Give a brief synopsis of the plot line.

Cite anyone that you quote.

Second page: Tell me what you found from historical (old) reviewers.

Then tell me what you found from current (recent) reviewers.

Tell me about the studio that produced and released the film – sometimes they are two different studios.

Tell me about the script – who wrote it, or adapted it for the screen, etc.

Tell me about the director and other films he/she directed.

Tell me about the main talent – actors and actresses – and other films in which they appeared.

How does this relate to sports journalism? Was it a protest film? Was it a film about stereotypes? Was it made to send a message or just to be historical? Was it just plain ol’ entertainment?

Third page: Tell me about your own viewing experience – what you liked/disliked, and what you thought worked and what you though didn’t work.

What was your favorite part of the movie? Why?

What were your favorite quotes from the film? Why?

Having seen the film how would you rate it or recommend it to others?

Conclusion: Your final opinion about this film.

Fourth page: Give me your bibliography, with at least three sources (book can be one)

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