Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kingsville students, good job

Just a note to thank the TAMUK students who attended the basketball doubleheader at the Steinke Physical Education Center (SPEC) last night. You all saw two good games and were part of a very enthusiastic and large crowd as both the men's and women's team tried to advance to the Lone Star Conference playoffs. I was pleased to see how "professionally" you behaved. You didn't cheer. You maintained your composure. You waited patiently for the coach to talk to his players before the interview sessions and you asked questions that related to the game. The games had many angles - senior night for both teams, last game at home this year for both teams, a serious injury for the TAMUK women, and making the playoffs. Also, the game started late cause the officials did not show up in time (why?) and the men's game lasted until almost midnight. But, the important thing is the game and what it meant to the players and coaches, our university and the community. George Vondracek, senior sports writer for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times wrote an excellent story. He decided to base his story by singling out the performance of one player. Is this right, or was this a "team win?" Is there such a thing as a team win? At any rate, Mr. Vondracek's lead and take on the story is one way to write that story. He also took time to get quotes - good ones - and incorporated them into his story expertly. Visit website to see his story or, in Kingsville, get a free copy of the paper today at the SUB. Also, look at the box scores he prepared. Bottom line: Good Job. You didn't cheer or get excited and it was even hard for me to maintain my sense of fair play and objectivity.
dr. flores

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