Thursday, April 16, 2009

Updated Book Review Assignments

Class, below is the updated list of Book Review Assignments:
Sports Illustrated Top Books That I Recommend

"Paper Lion" (George Plimpton)1965
"Fever Pitch" (Nick Hornby) 1991 - Tania Garcia - TAMUK
"Cosell" (Howard Cosell) 1973
"Season on the Brink" (John Feinstein) 1986
"The Fight"(Norman Mailer) 1975
"When Pride Still Mattered"(David Maraniss) 1999
"Muhammad Ali: Life & Times" (T. Hauser) 1991
“The Boys of Summer” (Roger Kahn) 1971 - Shaun Springfield, TAMUK-SCSA
"The Sweet Science" 1951
"Veeck as in Wreck" (Bill Veeck) 1962
"The Natural" (Bernard Malamud)1952 - Joseph Hamon, TAMUK
"Ball Four" (Jim Bouton) 1970
"Everybody’s All American"(Frank DeFord) 1981
"No cheering in the press box" (Holtzman) 1973
"The Glory of Their Times" ( Ritter) 1966
"Friday Night Lights" (H.G. Bissiner) 1990 - Noe Longoria, TAMUK
"Semi-Tough" (Dan Jenkins) 1972
"A season on the brink"(John Feinstein) 1986
“You Know Me Al,” (Ring Lardner) 1914
“The Game” (Ken Dryden) 1983

Books that I recommend

“Always Dream” (Kristi Yamaguchi) 1998
“Amazing Women Athletes” (Jill Bryant) 2002
“Babe Didrikson: Athlete of Century”( Knudson) 1985 - Sasha Rodriguez, TAMUK

“Big Girl in the Middle” (Gabriellle Reece) 1997
“Game Face” (J. Gottseman, Penny Marshall) 1998
“The Girls of Summer” (Jere Longman) 2000 - Alisa Reynolds, TAMUK-SCSA

“Go for the Goal!” (Mia Hamm) 2000 - Christina Garza - TAMUK-SCSA
In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle”(Madeline Blais) 1995
“Let Me Play: The Title IX Story” (Karen Blumenthal) 2005
“Living the Dream” (Dot Richardson) 1997
“Mighty Jackie” (Marissa Moss) 1998
“Still Kicking” (Katie Hinda) 2006
“A Whole New Ball Game” (Sue Macy) 1995
“Raising our Athletic Daughters” Zimmerman & Russell)1998
“Brian’s Song” (William Blinn) 1972 - Katrina Alejandro, TAMUK“The Frailty Myth” (Collette Dowling) 2000
“Games Girls Play” (Caroline Silby, Shely Smith) 2000
“Superwomen” (Jodi Buren,Donna Lopiano,Billie Jean King) 2005
"Good Enough to Dream," (Roger Kahn) 1985
"Juiced!" (Jose Canseco), 2002 - Carlos Alvarado, TAMUK
"When You Come to the Fork in the Road, Take It," - (Yogi Berra) 2002 - Juan Carlos Reyes, TAMUK

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