Thursday, January 29, 2009

Assignment 2 - What I learned from Fred Neusch and assorted findings

Please don't forget you have a 200-word essay detailing three things you learned from long time sports information director Fred Neusch.

In addition, you have this assignment:

1. What is AWSM? When did it start and why? Is it needed?
2. Who was the first woman to cover a professional sports event for a newspaper? How did her byline appear?
3. What is CoSIDA?
4. What is APSE?
5. What is TXSWA?
6. What is Title IX and how did it impact women's sports in America?

Keep your answers short. Answer the question briefly and succinctly. Please email your answers to me at Make sure you identify yourself and not that is a sports writing assignment. Thanks.
good luck

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